About Phanka

With an experienced team in financial markets like banking, fintech, investment banking and brokerage over 15 years, we have enjoyed great success in FX, CFD Trading, in recent years. Following UK (FCA), Cambodian (SECC) and St. Vincent licenses, the time has come to commit to the most famous of all financial arenas: Asian Markets!

We are now combining our global know-how, which has been able to adapt to local cultures and localize, with our new vision and grand bazaar experience. Phanka Group is now stronger than ever, together with global partners. While we continue our investments in Asian markets with Switzerland-based AZCO Venture Capitals & Investments and Netherlands-based NEXA Venture, we are also taking steps that will make an impact in the sports world with the sponsorships of Fight Network Turkey and Adus Motorsports.

With GOA Design Factory, we design the future and direct the design market in many sectors, including the Turkish Defense Ministry.


Established in the year 1977 Ozyavuzgil Group started its operations in different industries with its turnover exceeding $250 million with 500+ employees. First in 2017, Özyavuzgil Group has been renamed as ABK Holding A.Ş. gathering its operations in FinTech, Insurance, Brokerage, HR&Consultancy and Technology.


Tech companies support group entities in terms of technology, IT management, trading and back-office platforms to make the group entities offering a first-class reliable services to the retail and the B2B clients, and enabling them to operate efficiently.

Rise From Ashes

In 2021, two of the biggest institutional clients in FX, CFD and precious metals trading sector from Grand Bazaar and Turkey invested in ABK Holding. The company renamed as Phanka Group. Our name accurately inspired by the “Phoenix”, a mythological bird which rises from its ashes after death.


Phanka Group provides online trading platforms with stream live tradable market data. Clients can invest at their own discretion in real time and receive support from multi-lingual staff. Phanka services over 10,000 clients across the globe with a global workforce made up of local professionals across markets in London, Istanbul and far east Asia with more offices to come.

Because We Are “The Future”